Revision need not be boring

Whilst there are exams to take and tests to pass there will always be a need for Revision and yet how often are Students actually taught How to Revise? Left to their own devices they usually just look at their notes and commit large chunks to memory. This is the worst possible way to revise as it only makes them parrots with no understanding of what they are saying.

And how do you motivate yourself when you know that when you do start that nothing is going to go in and your mind will keep wandering off. So what is the point. But as the exam day gets closer the fear monsters come out to play and you get scared of failing. You try again but as you are in the wrong frame of mind you find that it is still not working as nothing is going in. 

If this sounds familiar then it is clear that you are not using a method that works. So why not change the method!

Revision is part of Learning.

We all learn in different ways due to the fact that we have two hemispheres to our brain.Some are predominately left brain thinkers who prefer an audio sequential approach to learning whilst others are more right brain thinkers who think in a visual and spatial manner. The more you are with one then the less appealing the other method becomes.

In other words some like to be shown how to do something whilst others prefer to have it explained. Whichever way you think you still have to practice and Revision is just another word for practice.

Why not Practice Revision?

We all know that practice makes perfect so why not practice Revision? Probably because you don’t know how or where to start. Well help is at hand as there is a complete mini course available on this site that answers all of your questions about how you as an individual can find the way to learn that suits you.

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So please come back and see us often as there will be articles and Videos here for your edification. But the best thing you can do is to become a member and start to enjoy Revision instead of dreading it. Why not take a look?

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